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Newsletter October 2014

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Newsletter October 2014

The New Trodat Professional Line – Available now!

The Trodat Professional is the perfect stamp for daily office use and ensures clean and precise imprints. Accurate workmanship and high-quality materials make it an enduring champion in the Trodat product range.

The new Professional, Trodat sets new standards for office stamps and guarantees superior user comfort & cleanliness:
Comfortable rotating date wheels
New and reinforced "Speedbox" packaging for ease opening 
Simple date adjustment - the tens digit on the day band only show
numbers 0-3 making it easier and quicker to set the right date 
Patented high-performance date bands

The black colour of the new Trodat Professional, the silver embossing of the logo and the sturdy steel core emphasise the high quality of the product in terms of reliability and durability.

The New Trodat Professional - User Comfort & Cleanliness. Guaranteed.

The new Trodat Professional are now also available for your uTypia shops. In case your shop's catalogue is connected to our master catalogue, we offer a very simple update. 
Besides, we provide for manual updates all pictures in the right sizes on our support website. 

For more informations please look at our updating manual on our support website.

Visit our support website – access via the admin section of your uTypia shop!​