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Newsletter August 2014


Newsletter August 2014

New uTypia Business solution: uTypia Business Next!
uTypia Business Next brings our uTypia Business solution to the next level. New design, advanced functionalities and even more user-friendliness are part of the redesign.


uTypia Business Next keeps all the current enhanced functionalities but offers several new options: 
New design 
Easy administration of the customizable Home Page 
Streamlined ordering process 
Advanced functionalities in custom wizard 
Based on latest technology 

These additional add-on modules are also currently available: 
Automatic Login 
UPS, USPS and FEDEX Integrations for real-time shipping rates 
Coupon and Registration Codes 
Affiliate Marketing 
Google Products 
Trusted Shop 
Credit Card Integrations 

uTypia Business Next is available now and is currently receiving rave reviews. For new business shop orders, uTypia Business Next will be the business option of choice. Existing uTypia Business shops can convert to uTypia Business Next and take advantage of these new features – contact us today and we can update you on the necessary steps to make this happen. 
Contact your Trodat Sales Rep. for more information! 

Re-Organization of the uTypia sales process

In the past, uTypia sales were a separate process from your TRODAT stamp component sales. We want to simplify this and give you one sales contact for your TRODAT business. 

Therefore - starting as of now - your TRODAT stamp sales rep will also be your first contact for uTypia services and inquiries. 

The utypia support team will take care of shop setup and any technical issues - the same as before. The uTypia support will also be available for consultation on any complex internet issues such as integrations or SEO. 

This step will allow us to simplify the utypia sales process for you and also to optimize costs so we can offer the utypia products and service to you at competitive prices also 
in the future. 

There will be an internal training program to further familiarize your Trodat stamp sales rep with the whole utypia product range. 

The availability and continuity of the utypia services will not be affected in any way. Trodat is fully committed to the future of uTypia - offering the most widely used rubberstamp online solution worldwide for your success in the internet world. 
All existing utypia products will still be offered and there is no change in the pricing. 

If you have any questions please contact your TRODAT sales rep or uTypia support: 
Doris Mayrhofer – Phone: +43 7242 239 340

Creating general templates in uTypia consumer

In order to simplify the administration of your uTypia consumer shop, you have now the possibility to create general templates during the normal utypia consumer catalog order process:

1. Login to the shop as admin user.

2. Choose the product (via catalogue) you want to create a template for. Go to the Custom Wizard, the site where the Layout is set, and create your layout. Note: Just Templates which allow optimize will be shown at „Express Order“.

3. Then save and add it to the basket.