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Newsletter November 2014


Newsletter November 2014

​New Version of the shop administration
We have started switching uTypia shops to faster and more modern administration pages. The first page to change is the main Admin-Page. Other Admin functions will follow step by step. 

If you go to your shops's admin page via frontend of the shop (login as Merchant Admin) and click on AdminuB, for many shops you will already get to the new admin page.​ 


We are also not changing all shops at the same time. So you may still have your old administration for the moment.

The new page looks like this:


The new administration is in responsive design – which means that it's optimized for usage at tablets or wider screens, too. 

The new administration will also work with many Internet-Browsers – not just with Internet Explorer. It will also work with IE11 without the need for a compatibility mode.  This will be available when all the admin functions are switched into the new design.

If you are using the direct link to your admin page 
(e.g.:, this is still working; you will be forwarded to your usual shop's admin page.

We hope that you enjoy the new style and especially the speed improvements!​

Poodle attack

You may have heard about the POODLE attack on webshops and webservers.
For your information: Your uTypia shops have been secured against this attack. 
The functionality that caused this vulnerability has been disabled.
We are always making great effort for our online security!

Google shopping feed requires SSL certificates

If you are using the google shopping feed, there are new requirements about SSL certificates. 

Google support pages inform that "… any data-collection (e.g. address, E-Mail) whatsoever, during any phase of check out, must be entirely 
SSL / https secure."

If you would like us to enable SSL at your uTypia shop, please contact us at for further details.

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