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Best of uTypia 2014 & News 2015

uTypia 2014 – MORE STAMPS SOLD

In 2014, the sales and number of products sold via uTypia shops increased. Products worth nearly 12 million EUR were sold worldwide via the uTypia shops of stamp manufacturers and office retailers.
Many of our uTypia shop operators significantly increased their internet sales, thereby, also achieving savings in typesetting and order processing.
The uTypia Consumer and uTypia Business Next version were improved and extended, with more credit card solutions and an improved coupon code module.
The reorganisation of the uTypia sales process – now with a sales representative for stamps and uTypia - was implemented in the second half of the year.
At uTypia, we are always keen to further develop our uTypia shop solutions and stay up to date.
In recent months, we have been working on an update for our uTypia voucher solution, among other things, and we are proud to present the uTypia Voucher 4.0.
What is uTypia voucher?
Stamps are sold in blister packaging without a text plate with a voucher. Normally, the voucher is filled out and sent by post. The stamp manufacturer produces the text plate and sends it back to the customer to affix to their stamp.
uTypia Voucher allows the customer to fill in the information for their stamp on the voucher redemption website.
The website and voucher number is available for the customer on the voucher pack. The voucher number is unique to the product, so the end user always gets the right stamp size when redeeming the voucher.
Advantages for the end user:
- Postage savings
- What you see is what you get – preview of the impression online
- Additional layout options such as logos, borders, multiple fonts
- Multi-coloured impressions possible
- Order confirmation by e-mail

Advantages for the stamp manufacturer:
- Finished layout (BMP) – extra typesetting no longer required
- No handwritten notes – fewer queries, fewer complaints, easy handling of the order and shipping
- Postage savings (if pre-paid)
- Easier handling of logos and multi-coloured imprints
- Order e-mail used as delivery note (window envelope)

What can uTypia Voucher 4.0 do?
- The advantages for you and your customers are obvious:
- New and modern design
- Many colour styles available
- Automatic update of the layout preview
- Templates can be created by the shop owner
- Shop owner receives admin access
- As a result, order reports are also possible
- Voucher solution can be provided in multiple shop languages
- Order e-mails are possible in HTML format
- Ask us about the available add-on modules!
We have already upgraded the majority of existing voucher solutions free of charge and have successfully started with version 4.0. All other changes will take place at the end of April. All new setups are already implemented in the 4.0 version.
Check out our demo shop too!
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