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Cookies - possible action required

Cookies - possible action required

​Of course you may have already heard about cookies and legal requirements for those in online shops.

We would like to inform you that all our customers that have activated the setting "show cookie directive" in their shop (utypia business 6, utypia business next or utypia consumershop), will have our changes already visible in their shops after our next deployment within the next days. 

Screenshot Setting (Manage Merchant - Merchant Settings 1 - Tab Login Home):

The EU legal requirements say that a shopowner must show which cookies the shop has and that the endcustomer must also be able to revoke his cookie consent. We did all required programming for that, so the new changes will look like that:

Only used cookies are displayed, so this may vary from shop to shop according to the shop settings.

Revoke Cookies:

We strongly recommend to all our EU shopowners to activate this setting in your shop.
Besides, we recommend to check your local legal requirements that may vary in your country.
If you need any help in activating the setting, please don't hesitate to contact your utypia support team member.

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