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Why uTypia Business Next?

uTypia Business Next

Why uTypia Business Next?

uTypia CUSTOMERS have been appreciating the utypia business solution for many years already.

The latest uTypia Business Next solution now gives them even more reasons to be a fan.


uTypia Business Next is now ready for you! As previously announced, a new edition of uTypia Business is available. uTypia Business Next offers a new design, advanced functionality and is more user friendly.

uTypia Business Next of course keeps all achieved functionality, in addition to offering several new highlights:
- New design
- Even faster ordering process
- Flexible starting page
- Easy administration of the starting page
- Sophisticated additional functions for editing
- Based on the latest technology
Also available as from now are the Business Next Engraving and Print Modules. They allow uTypia shop owners to sell any type of engravable and printed products online easily.
The first uTypia Business Next stores are already in the set-up process. Of course, existing uTypia Business Shops have the possibility to switch to uTypia Business Next – with a special offer for switches that will be ordered for the rest of 2013!