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uTypia News 12 2015

uTypia News december 2015

New Version of shop administration
As already announced some time ago, we changed the main admin page and most of the other admin sites to a newer version. The sites are now visually and technically completely updated.
Later on, the new admin sites will also be available multi-language, in other languages the English which is right now standard.
Therefore, we provide manuals in English and German on our Support-Website.
By clicking on your shop's admin site on "uTypia support", you will get forwarded to the utypia support website.
Quick Start Guides now also for uTypia Business next

If you would like to provide a little help in your uTypia Business next shop, for your customers for ordering online, there is now available a short manual called Quick Start Guide, in german and english language.
Your customer can go to HELP – Quickstartguide where he will find some useful hints for his order in the stamps- or engraving shop.

The actual Quick Start Guides, as usual for uTypia consumer and the new ones for uTypia Business next, are ready for downloading on our support website. A tutorial how to get to this website is on pages 1-2 in this newsletter.
Besides, you have the possibility to individualize the Quick Start Guide and upload your own specific help document.
No matter if uTypia Standard or your personal Quickstart Guide – you can upload it here: Shop Admin Site – Manage Merchant.

On the page "Admin Manuals" , you can find a separate area for English and German manuals, including manuals for the new admin sites.Please take care that the file name MUST be QuickStartGuide_xx-XX.pdf, whereupon xx-XX is standing for the language code of your shop language(s), e.g. en-GB (for English UK), en-US (for English US), fr-FR (for French) etc.
Administration of the uTypia voucher solution 4.0


 As already announced some time ago, we upgraded all our existing voucher solutions to the new and more modern version 4.0 . The upgrades have all benn successful and we got much positive feedback from our customers.

Since upgrading it is possible for shop owners of a uTypia voucher solution to administrate it themselves. Additionally to the well known admin functionalities like as e.g. Manage Catalog, you have now also the possibility to generate yourself new voucher control numbers, search for control numbers and edit the voucher products.
Another great change: every shop owner has now the rights and possibilities for creating new voucher products and templates on his own, without extra charge (or help) from the uTypia team.
For sure we already sent out a manual therefore, and also provide it as download on our support website in English and German language.
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