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BRANDNEW - uTypia consumernext

uTypia @ Paperworld 2019


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uTypia @ Paperworld 2019

​​uTypia will be for sure at the Trodat booth in hall 3.0 during the Frankfurt Paperworld 2019! We are there from 26th to 29th of January 2019 and would be happy to see you there! 
Of course we will come up with really good news - make an appointment with us (write to . Read also more about our brandnew topics below!

​​uTypia consumernext

We are very proud to present our brandnew shop solution uTypia consumernext! We put in many effort and can now bring up something really great. uTypia Consumernext is a B2C online solution specialized in the individualising products such as stamps for example. This allows you (and your resellers) to sell customizable stamps on the Internet. The basis of the online shop is Magento, one of the best-known and most popular online software systems; the uTypia software is integrated to configure customizable products.​ So uTypia consumernext combines all the advantages of both systems.
Watch our demoshop: and contact us for more informations - about upgrading your existing consumer shop or setting up a new one!

​​what's new in utypia

​1) Bulk ordering functionality for stamp and engraving products: Endcustomers can order multiple stamps or engraving products by filling out an Excel file and uploading. If you want to set this up, please contact us for more details!
2) Cross selling in uTypia Business next: we activated this standard e-commerce functionality for free for all our customers. Contact the uTypia support if you have any questions!
3) ​Display of mm/inch ruler: As you may have already noticed, we are showing now a ruler in the custom wizard and on the proof sheet that should make creating a layout easier.
4) New free fonts in our uTypia font pool: We added Sans Forgetica and Akrobat to our uTypia Fontpool, which can be chosen for your uTypia shop without any additional license costs.

​uTypia voucher

We do not only offer online shops but also online solutions where people can redeem their voucher and create the design online then = uTypia Voucher. You can watch our demo here (use REORKCHNV255QR43 as demo code). If you are buying your stamp components also at Trodat, we provide a (general) vouchercard which you can order, too - for your own personalized one, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Besides, we will soon switch also the voucher admin pages to the new, faster and more modern admin interface as we already did for our shops (for existing and new voucher solutions). It also works in Chrome and Safari then, and is also optimized for tablets and smartphones.

​security improvement - action required

If you or your customers use any kind of integration with utypia, like shop-in-shop integration, e-procurement, order integration, forward this information to your technical contact or your customers' technical contact and have them check for compatibility:
uTypia will deactivate TLS 1.0 and is requiring an upgrade to TLS 1.1 or higher beginning June 30, 2019, in order to align with industry best practices for security and data integrity. Action from you or your customers with integrations may be required prior to this date to prevent any disruption. We recommend that you confirm your own software is supporting TLS 1.1 or higher before March 31, 2019. TLS stands for Transport Layer Security, and it’s a protocol that provides privacy and a secure data link between two communicating applications.​
Additionally we will also disable following Cipher Suites as these are considered WEAK.

Best Practice would be to use TLS 1.2 with any of these ECDHE Cipher Suites

​new trodat products also in utypia

​As always we are currently updating our master catalogues with all Trodat product news. These are for example Printy 4750, 4941, 4750 Typo, Professional 5274, 5208, 5485 etc., new variants with chrome colour rings and partly also Justrite products.
Existing products that have changed can be updated, new products can be added as usual, contact uTypia support if you have questions!