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uTypia News March 2021








uTypia News March 2021


We hope that you had a good start in the new year. The past year was a year like no other. We had to face new situations from which we grew, we will act in 2021 stronger, more experienced and with full power as always! And: what a year like 2020 has shown: selling products online is as important as never before.

We appreciate and look forward to work with you again this year. The last year has shown us, that we can handle everything – when we work together! We want you to start this year top informed with new possibilities... so enjoy our newsletter!


Stripe​ is used by millions of business - from startups to large enterprises - to accept payments, send payouts and manage their business online. Please contact the uTypia team regarding the setup if you are interested to use this payment option in your shop. Currently it is available for uTypia Business 6 shops.


We would like to point out again that we urgently recommend that ALL uTypia solutions (no matter whether stand-alone shop or integration) should be operated with an SSL certificate.​

Many browsers as well as Google are already causing more problems with websites without SSL. Other connections such as external payment providers also require the security certificate.

For shops in the EU it has also been legally mandatory since the GDPR came into place.

How do you see if your shop is already running with SSL? Simply type https://[YOURSHOPURL] in your browser. If it starts normally, you already have an SSL certificate. Otherwise we would strongly recommend contacting us at We are happy to take care of the installation and the annual renewal of the SSL certificate. And all of that at a special price of only 4 EUR per month.

Pay attention to the security of your shop and please check it! A friendly recommendation from your uTypia support team.


We are happy to support you not only in technical matters or questions about the uTypia shop but would also like to give you some additional support.

In regard to the European GDPR law, it is well known that you must have activated the message in your shop that the shop is processing cookies. We would therefore like to advise you to check this setting. As soon as it is activated, links to the data protection page and the terms and conditions are also displayed. Please make sure that these pages are maintained with the correct content so that your customers can find a legally correct shop and a perfect shopping experience. You can request a corresponding small manual for maintaining the settings and the pages at any time from your uTypia support team at!​

360 degree product view​

The 360 degree product view is from now on for uTypia consumernext and Business 6 shops available.

All catalogues that are connected to the utypia central catalogue can be updated with one single mouse click. The link for the 360° images will be added to the product description, where the customer can click it!

Feel free to test it on our demo shops:

EDY - new templates 

EDY stamps are stamps especially made for teachers or other persons in educational jobs. Every utypia customer in the DACH and BENELUX area can contact the uTypia team to update the EDY templates for the EDY stamp - those are license free available now. 

More information to EDY:​

You can also try it on our test shop:


In times of Covid, we have to fill out many forms, for example when visiting a restaurant. Get pens out and fill out pieces of paper! No drama, but kind of annoying. And nobody really needs to be nervous these days. With the Pocket Printy 9511, Trodat offers a solution for precisely this purpose: Filling out contact forms quickly in Corona times.

The Trodat Pocket Printy is for sure also available in the utypia master catalogue. If you want to have it added to your shop and catalogue, just contact your utypia support team at , we are happy to add it for you.​

WCAG – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

WCAG are an international standard for the barrier-free design of Internet offers. There are guidelines for the Web Content Accessibility, to assure the availability and usability of websites to people with disabilities. uTypia did some improvements to meet these requirements and is proud to be part of that.

Details: With this function, content can be displayed in bigger fonts and symbols, or simplified. Main- and background have a bigger contrast, as well as easier seeing and hearing of content.

Further possibilities:

  • Text alternatives available
  • Distinguishable (makes it easier to see, hear and separate the foreground and background of content)
  • All functions are accessible via keyboard
  • User have sufficient time to read the content
  • Websites won't be designed where there is a risk of causing a seizure
  • User are supported during navigating through the website
  • Compatible with future user agents, including assistive technologies
  • Alternatives for time-based media are available
  • Content can be presented in different ways (e.g. "simple layout")

Contact your utypia support team for more informations!

Verified Reviews

Shop owners as well as customers count on other customers' feedback for buying online products, especially in these hard times. We started to cooperate with Verified Reviews and are very proud of that. This partnership is important for your 

public product- and brand ratings, and for a reliable first impression to new customers. You may know this service from companies like Lacoste, American Express, Tui, Michelin and Carglass.

Verified Reviews collects surveys and reviews, enables you to get in touch with unsatisfied customers, shows your ratings on important platforms like google, websites, product sites, google shopping and so on. The effectiveness is already proven and shows in average numbers like a 4-20% increased profit, 10% more customer communication, CEO traffic increased by 21-48%, and the CPD in AdWords decreased by 5-35%. 

This service is available exclusively for uTypia consumernext shops. If you are interested, please contact your uTypia support!

For a direct contact to Verified Reviews to start your account there, please use this Link​ .


Sarah Fischer is part of the uTypia Team since May 2020. After good training, Doris and Sarah have divided the customer responsibility into areas.

Doris Mayrhofer: DACH, France, Italy, South America, Africa and the Middle East

Sarah Fischer: BENELUX, UK, Ireland, Poland, Scandinavia, Spain, South Africa, Asia, the Pacific region as well as North and East Europe

Doris ( and Sarah ( are of course available for all customers, just as they were before. However, please contact your relevant contact person first. Your other uTypia contacts are unchanged available for you.

New Bank Data for utypia invoices

Our bank details have changed, and we ask you to use the following bank details for all future payments:

IBAN: AT14 1967 5001 0175 1600 


Commerzbank AG 

Account holder: Trodat GmbH

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