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uTypia News May 2016

uTypia News May 2016

New functionalities for creating templates in uTypia Business next
We are putting in much effort in optimizing our shop solutions; amongst other things, we setup new functionalities for creating templates for you:
  • Seamless align to line: With this function, you cannot only align lignes to others in the utypia custom wizard, but you can also align them seamless, without blank spaces!
  • Alternate Text at saving a template – adding several texts at once is now possible.
This is for example very useful if you want to copy/paste more texts than one from an Excel spreadsheet!
These values / texts will appear as dropdown field in the custom wizard when creating a new stamp imprint / businesscard…..
Update of the Ultimark assortment
The Ultimark stamps, a part of the Pre-Inked assortment of Trodat, have been relaunched some time ago.
The stamp sizes stayed the same, but the stamp bodies have been adapted according their look. If you have Ultimark in your assortment, you can start a mass update in your uTypia catalogue if you are linked with our master catalogue (yellow background at the products in the catalogue) – choose the category, Tab MASS UPDATE.
Please don't hesitate to contact the uTypia team for further questions; also if you need the product pictures for updating manually yourself !
Background Images for Engraving materials
Especially for utypia shops that also sell engraving materials (e.g. Signs), it is important that there are also shown the appropriate background images, for example the material colour of the sign.
Therefore there has been a setting in uTypia for activating this. Especially for our shops that contain engraving goods, we did a free of charge update and made it available for all of these.
Magento uTypia Extension, Shopware uTypia PlugIn

With these innovations, we allow our uTypia customers and prospective customers with Magento or Shopware shops to integrate the uTypia custom wizard in their shopsystem. Thus, existing functionalities from Shopware or Magento can be combined with the individualizing tools of uTypia at its best. Target group therefore are Internet Professionals who can setup their shop at their own and who are having special SEO requests.


Regarding the ordering process within these integrations:

The endcustomer orders in the Magento-/Shopware-Shop; if the product is customizable, he will be forwarded to the utypia pages choose template (if templates are available), set layout and proofread; afterwards the product is put into the basket (of the Magento or Shopware Shop) and the endcustomer can either keep on shopping or complete the order (checkout).


The production files are, as usual, forwarded from utypia to the uTypia shopowner via E-Mail.

Interested ?

Please contact the uTypia team for further informations. We look forward to offering you advice and information at any time.


New: Vertical lignes for creating stamp designs possible!


From now on we provide for interested shop owners of uTypia Business next Shops the functionality for vertical lignes in typesetting. This new feature can be activated with a setting in the admin area / MANAGE MERCHANT; at the moment on demand from your uTypia support team – and this is for free!


Since the setting is on, merchant admin user have the possibilities during creating templates (or typesetting) to turn the lignes clockwise or counter-clockwise for 90 degrees, which means that they are vertical then

On demand there is also a short manual for vertical typesetting available!


Electronic invoicing


We would like to inform you that we will change our invoicing to electronic transfer via E-Mail.


If you would like to receive your invoices on a certain E-Mail adress (e.g. a specific E-Mail adresse from your book keeping department), please let us know as soon as possible. Otherwise we will send it to the Standard E-Mail address that is assigned to your account in our ERP system.