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uTypia News May 2019

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utypia admin dashboard

The NEW uTypia Admin Dashboard will give you up-to-date order information at a glance!

With the NEW uTypia Admin Dashboard you can monitor relevant information regarding both previous and current orders. This includes the order value, number of orders and new users all filtered by several date ranges. This summarized information can be found under the Admin Dashboard link on the uTypia Admin Home Page.

​local central catalogue

This new functionality applies for uTypia shopowners who have more than one uTypia shop and/or more than one uTypia catalogue. With that new feature, you can define one of your catalogues as your "personal" local central catalogue, and you can match your other catalogues with your local central catalogue then. Once this is done, you can update your other catalogues with your local central catalogue with just two mouse clicks!

If you are interested in more informations about that, we can provide a short manual. Contact uTypia support: .

​amazon pay partner program

Amazon Pay makes it simple for hundreds of millions of customers around the globe to pay for products and services using the information already stored in their Amazon account. It’s a familiar buying experience from a brand customers know and trust. Other companies' success stories show that using this payment option increased their checkout-conversion and provided also other advantages and improvements.
uTypia now also offers this payment option for uTypia shops. 
Interested? Please contact the uTypia Support team for more informations:  

uTypia business next version 5.5

We proudly present the new uTypia Business next version – a whole new design meets all the requirements of a state-of-the-art e-commerce  solution.
uTypia Business next is our online solution specialising in customised products such as rubber stamps. It enables you (and your resellers) to sell customised stamps via the internet. The focus is on B2B requirements, such as company templates for keeping your customer's corporate identity or different catalogues for your special customer groups, to give them their different assortments and pricings. The redesign of this webshop solution is now perfectly adapted!
We will offer soon a new demoshop where you can watch our latest version, and for sure we will send more informations about pricing and timelines for upgrading.