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uTypia News October 2023

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How to improve your uTypia shop

We would like to help you improve your uTypia shop. We will share with you, how with only a small effort, you can make a positive impact!

​Connect your uTypia shop with your Google account

​You can connect each of our shopversions, uTypia Business 6 and uTypia consumernext, with your Google account, with only some mouseclicks.

Advantages of Connecting your uTypia Shop to Google? 
- Show your business and products across Google for free. You can sign up to the Google merchant center at any time.
- Use personalized Google insights about how customers interact with your business and products,    so you can help increase traffic to your site.
- You have the option available to further promote your products with paid advertising.

You can find more details on the site. Both uTypia shop solutions offer the possibility for you to setup the connection very easily. So don't hesitate to start! If you have any questions on how to add the Google account code to your uTypia shop, please don't hesitate to contact your uTypia support team at​ .


​An XML sitemap, often referred to as a Google sitemap, is a file that shows information about your website and pages. The Google sitemap shows the content of those pages and the connection between the files on your pages. With this XML file, it's easier for search engines such as Google to crawl ("read") your website. And, if it's easier for search engines to read the content of your website, this can make your website more visible. This is an easy way to help Google index your site and pages, which helps your uTypia have a better ranking with Google or other search engines.

What do you have to do to use the Google sitemap? 
All uTypia shop versions already provide that function and the XML sitemap is already setup. So that already helps you and Google. If you want to be completely sure that Google uses your sitemap, you can upload this sitemap into your Google account. You can find out more about this topic on the support pages.

What does the link to such an XML sitemap look like?
-For our uTypia consumernext shops, your sitemap is as follows:
-For our uTypia Business 6 shops, your sitemap is as follows: 

How to: setup Google recacptcha as a Security improvement​

We have provided lots of information about Google features today. Now, we would like to make you aware of a security improvement that is available for our uTypia Consumernext shops.
This shop solution is already secured to prevent attacks from bots. For example, uTypia implemented the e-mail confirmation for each new customer registration and setup the Magento standard Captcha feature thus preventing your site from being spammed with thousands of user registrations..

A better way to use captcha protection is to connect your utypia consumernext shop with your Google account and activate the Google reCaptcha feature. This can be accomplished with some simple steps and uTypia highly recommends that you complete this. Your uTypia support team member can provide a small manual and support you with this. Please don't hesitate to contact your uTypia support team at​ .


Just as a reminder, additional fonts can be added to your uTypia site’s custom wizard (the utypia stamp layout tool). 

Available fonts can be found at ​.
- All fonts from the UTYPIA fontpool can be added for free. Just send the font name to your utypia support member and we will do the installation for you.

- All fonts from the ​SETUP or EXTRA font pool have to be licensed to use online. You can purchase a 5-, 10- or 20-fontpackage for a small monthly fee and we will do the installation for you.

Did not find the font there that you need? No problem, just contact your utypia support team member with a link or other details to that font. We will check if we can purchase the license and do the installation for you. 

In special cases, if you need your customer's (own) font to be installed, we can do that for a small fee and a signage of a font order. It's necessary that the customer's copyright for that font is proven before the installation of the font can occur.

Are you looking for more Ideas for improving your shop?

You are searching for some inspiration how to get a new and fresh look to your shop's homepage? We have ideas for you! Feel free to visit our demoshops to see the expanded areas that we have added.
For B2B uTypia business 6:

For B2C uTypia consumernext:

If you feel inspired but you are still not sure how to begin improving your uTypia shop​, feel free to contact your uTypia customer happiness manager at We would love to support you!
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