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uTypia News September 2021

uTypia upgrade and new features

​​Upgrade your uTypia shop solution

Your online shop or e-commerce solution is older than 2 years? Not up-to-date?
In the world wide web, 2 years or more is veeeeery long. Compared to driving a car with more than 150.000 km!
So as you would take care of your car and bring it to your favourite garage for a good service, you should also take care of your online shop.

It’s time for an update!

But honestly, updating your utypia webshop or integrated solution is probably cheaper than a car service.Take the chance and order the upgrade of your utypia shop(s) or integrated solution(s) !

And what’s best: all you have to do is to agree and reply to the personal e-mail you have already received if you haven't upgraded yet. Say YES to an updated shop with all its advantages!
We (the utypia support team) take care of the whole upgrade of your shop.You can do whatever you are wonderful at and wait for us to get it done.
If you haven't replied yet, please take a look at your e-mail and do it - or just contact us at .


We have already sent some information regarding that new module. Here are again the most important facts:
WCAG are an international standard for the barrier-free design of Internet offers. There are guidelines for the Web Content Accessibility, to assure the availability and usability of websites to people with disabilities. uTypia did some improvements to meet these requirements and is proud to be part of that.

Details: With this function, content can be displayed in bigger fonts and symbols, or simplified. Main- and background have a bigger contrast, as well as easier seeing and hearing of content.

Further possibilities:

  • Text alternatives available
  • Distinguishable (makes it easier to see, hear and separate the foreground and background of content)
  • All functions are accessible via keyboard
  • User have sufficient time to read the content
  • Websites won't be designed where there is a risk of causing a seizure
  • User are supported during navigating through the website
  • Compatible with future user agents, including assistive technologies
  • Alternatives for time-based media are available
  • Content can be presented in different ways (e.g. "simple layout")

Contact your utypia support team for more informations! 

New feature: high resolution product pictures in utypia catalogues

​We are happy to inform you that we have improved our utypia master catalogue. We have replaced the big product images (before: sized 170 x 170 pixel) to high resolution pictures sized 500 x 500 pixel. This is to use the whole available space for product images and allows a better product presentation.
If your existing utypia catalogue is connected with our master catalogue, you can do a very simple update of your pictures with only 2 mouse clicks. If you need support with that, please just contact your utypia support team member.
This feature is already in place for utypia consumernext (B2C) shops, and will be soon available for utypia Business 6 shops, too.

New team member - Welcome Cheryl Deisz

Our newest member is Cheryl Deisz. Cheryl took the responsibilities from our colleague Mike Lawler who retired. You can contact her for any support requests in the USA and Canada. We are more than happy to welcome Cheryl to the uTypia team and are very thankful for all her effort, much appreciated.

Phone: 732 529 8523
Team mailbox:​
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