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uTypia News May 2023

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uTypia News May 2023

uTypia at the IMIA trade show in Las Vegas - experience​

In February, the uTypia team was part of the exhibition for the IMIA tradeshow in Las Vegas. 
We enjoyed the good fortune to have conversations with existing uTypia customers as well as potential new ones.
We enjoyed having the opportunity to present our shop solutions and to show the many advantages of our different systems.
The IMIA Tradeshow was an excellent venue for us to showcase that uTypia is used not only for personalizing stamps but also for many other products in the print- and engraving categories.
Our custom wizard can be used to provide a print preview to your customers so they can view what their finished product will look like before placing their order. 
We have an excellent uTypia team with combined experience in our industry of more than 20 years and we offer excellent solutions for B2B, B2C. 
Furthermore, we are experts in integrations into other systems such as Ariba, . 

We appreciated your time and the opportunity to speak to each of you. We would like to thank all our visitors for showing an interest in our work and we look forward to talking with you again.

How to: edit prices in your uTypia shop / catalog

As a reminder, we would like to give you some support tips for how to easily change (e.g. raise) prices in your uTypia catalog.

For single products, this can be done directly in the catalog. But if you want to change multiple products or the whole catalog, you can easily export an Excel file, redo your prices, and upload the file back to the shop.
It's even possible to make percentage changes in your Excel sheet - just make sure that you remove your formulas before importing the file.

This upload saves an enormous amount of time. If you need help with that, the uTypia support team can provide a manual and personal assistance if needed. 
You can contact your support team at​ !

Good to know: Product images

uTypia completed a nice improvement some months ago; you can now use larger product images on your site. This makes sure that your shop has a modern look and a good experience for your customers.

As a reminder: you can use max. 150 x 150 pixel for the small product image and 500 x 500 px for the big product image. You can download Trodat product images in the correct sizes from
Trodat products can also be added any time from our uTypia support team members and these products will already include the larger images. If you need help, please send your support team an email at

Search Engine OpTimization in uTypia consumernext: create your own CMS pages with our new page building tool

If you use uTypia consumernext as your store solution for the target group B2C, you are showing an increased interest in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your online site. Today we would like to give you a useful tip for how to improve your website SEO quickly and easily => by creating your own additional content pages.​

You might wonder why you need this, since you already got your store set up with all the basic pages: Contact, About Us, Impressum and legal pages, etc. So why is it important to create your own additional web pages with our CMS (Content Management System)? It's simple: when you add your own pages, you have full control over the content of these pages and you can include there metadata, useful links, headings, titles, keywords in the text, alt texts to your images, etc. And don't forget to use an SEO-friendly name for your new pages; this name will appear in the automatically generated URL of the page. This content can definitely give you excellent SEO benefits and can be added with little effort.
We have implemented a new page creation system in our consumernext stores that makes it very easy for you to create such pages. So what are you waiting for - just try it out! :)
The uTypia support team will be happy to provide you with relevant manual or help and advice if needed.

New team member

We are very proud to welcome a new team member in the uTypia family: Adam Deisz.
Adam is located in the United States, brings a lot of experience and joined our development team at the beginning of this year. We are very happy to have Adam with us and are looking forward to having a good time together! 
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