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uTypia news december 2022






uTypia at the IMIA tradeshow in Las Vegas

Come and visit the utypia team at the Trodat USA booth and see what's new. On Thursday, February 9th, uTypia will be holding a seminar to introduce their two main e-commerce shop solutions: uTypia consumernext (based on Magento including the uTypia Magento extension, for B2C target groups) and uTypia Business 6 (for B2B target groups). The demonstration will also include any news, improvements and upgrades related to these shop version. Furthermore, the uTypia team will show possibilities for integrations of the utypia configuration tool into other systems. uTypia will be in the Trodat USA booth afterwards and will be happy to meet you and answer your questions. 

The presentation will be held at the Paris hotel in the “Chablis” Room. Two sessions will be available to attend: 9.00 – 10.30 am or 10.30 – 12.00 am. Customers and interested parties are welcome to register at: .

Trodat will follow the uTypia seminar with a demonstration of Trodat Order Manager (

The Awards and Personalization Expo is THE event for all personalization professionals! We look forward to seeing you there.


​New look for our demoshops

Are you searching for some inspiration how to get a new and fresh look to your shop's homepage? We got it for you! Feel free to visit our demoshops for B2B uTypia business 6 and, and for B2C uTypia consumernext and 
If you feel inspired but you are not sure how to start or where to go, feel free to contact your uTypia customer happiness manager at We would love to support you!

New look for the utypia business 6 category list page and product list page

Obviously we love new looks in this news article. As an improvement for all utypia business 6 shops, we added the category description on the category list page and on the product list page - to be shown right under the category name. In utypia consumernext, this was already standard. This gives an even better overview for your customers, a nice user experience and hopefully more shopping inspiration.

New Trodat products and assortment changes

Trodat provides new products and also changed some existing products to the modern 4.0 variants. We have prepared all of those products in our master catalog. For adding new products, please contact us, we would love to add them for you. For existing and updated products, you can use the update function in your catalog if it is connected.

New products:
Printy 4730 + accessories
For DACH customers only: Trodat 7 Sachen Stempel

Changed products:
Printy 4927, Printy 4727, Printy 4727 typo + accessories

Good to know - search engine optimization for b2c shops part 2

As already introduced in our last news, we have installed a "good to know" section where we would like to give you some tips & tricks how to improve your B2C shop in regards of search engine optimization (SEO).
Today's topic is about: Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to raise the conversion rates of your site. Flattering reviews make your site more trustful, reviews help increasing your sales and this improves your Google ranking.
And the best thing about that is - as already announced in some of our last news, we started a partnership with a very popular company "Verified Reviews". 

Verified Reviews says: "our tool collects surveys and reviews, enables you to get in touch with unsatisfied customers, shows your ratings on important platforms like google, websites, product sites, google shopping and so on. The effectiveness is already proven and shows in average numbers like a 4-20% increased profit, 10% more customer communication, SEO traffic increased by 21-48%, and the CPD in AdWords decreased by 5-35%."
The extension of Verified Reviews is already installed in your B2C consumernext shop, so all you have to do is to open your account at Verified Reviews with this Link​  
and do the configuration then. So this is very easy for you and helps a lot to improve your shop.


Thank you and have a merry Christmas​

Again, this year has shown that we have an excellent relationship to you, our customers, and that there are so many good projects to work on. We are thankful for the very good collaboration and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hopefully you can have some nice and relaxing days off! We are looking forward to keep working with you together next year. 
If you have any urgent requests between Christmas and New Year, please use our team mail box for your requests: .
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