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uTypia News October 2022





New design feature - color settings for the horizontal menu

Our B2B solution uTypiy Business 6 is already very modern and fits perfectly to the needs of the B2B target group. Now we provide a new feature for an even more better look. You can edit the color settings of the horizontal menu for the foreground- and the background color and adapt it to your needs. 
So the look and feel of your shop can be freshed up and adapted to your Corporate idenity colors or used for other design purposes.

If you need any help with that, feel free to contact your uTypia support at , we are happy to help!

uTypia at trodat DACH's Premium partner meeting 

In September this year, Trodat DACH invited all Premium partners to the yearly meeting. Our partners got the chance to get to know many informations about new products or product changes, ideas for marketing topics, discussions about future strategies and much more.
uTypia has also been invited, so we were happy to present our solutions and news. We are thankful for the good conversations and are looking forward being part of that event again.

​Upgrade of our B2C consumernext Shops

We are always taking care of being up-to-date in all our shop versions. This makes sure to provide the best support possible and to have the best security system available.
Currently we are upgrading all our consumernext (Magento) shops. Besides many technical changes and security patches, the upgrade also brings some new features. For the new page builder, which is very easy to handle and self-explanatory, we will provide a short manual nevertheless. Contact your utypia support if needed. 
Additionally, the upgrade will include the new payment option Stripe and can be used anytime afterwards. 

GDPR related updates

Due to current events, we would like to talk about 3 topics that are related to the European GDPR law.
1) Cookie restriction notice: A short reminder to all our customers that are using uTypia Business6. We strongly recommend to NOT switch off this setting, this is legally required. Read more..
2) SSL certificate: This is a legal requirement, too. We see that there are still some shops that don't use that but we cannot do that without your commitment. Please check your shop(s) and get back to us for a SSL certificate if needed. Read more...​
3) Google fonts: currently some lawyers, especially in Germany, are sending letters and e-mails about a Google font topic. They are saying that related to GDPR, the Google fonts have to stored locally on servers and not loaded by Google directly. We know about this topic and have taken appropriate precautions.

Good to know - what is an alt-tag and how can that improve my website?

We would like to share our SEO experience in B2C shops with you and explain some simple things​ that could improve your website.
Today's topic is about Alt-Tags for images. What is an Alt-Tag? Simply said, this is the description of an image. A search engine can "read" the text of your website but cannot "see" what is on a picture on the website. So by adding an Alt-tag to the image, the search engine also knows what's on that picture and so this is an improvement for the search engine. An Alt-tag should be as short and simple as possible and really explain exactly what is on the image - not to be abused for stuffing with keywords. So for example if you have a Trodat Printy 4912 on it, the Alt-tag could be "Trodat rubberstamp Printy 4912".
Furthermore, visually impaired people are using tools that read for them the content of a website - and by adding Alt-tags, those tools can also read what is on the image.
How do I add such an Alt-tag? In your utypia consumernext shop, go to the administration of the homepage for example, click on the image you have already uploaded and go to the section "search engine optimization".

In our next newsletter, we will share another SEO-related topic with you and hope you enoy our little tips & tricks.
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