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Demo shops

​You get the best idea about a product by simply testing it. In order to give you the most detailed idea possible about our shops, we set up several demo shops. The links to some of them please find below. Do not hesitate to contact us for the access data of further demo shops.


uTypia Consumer




uTypia Consumer - for rubber stamps

Go to our Consumer Demo and find out how our uTypia Consumer rubber stamp solution works!

Find a seperate Consumer Demo Shop for the USA here!





uTypia Consumer - including Engraving Module

Have a look at our Engraving Demo and find out how your customers can create easily individual designs on inscribable products - including the pictures of the products in the background in order to get an even closer idea how the final product will look like!




uTypia Consumer - including Print Module

Go to our Print Demo and find out how our uTypia Consumer solution including the uTypia Web2Print Editor and Copy Shop works!




uTypia Business


The uTypia Business Demo Shop works as a closed shop system - please contact us for access data!