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Frequently asked questions


We've compiled answers to frequently asked questions for you in this area.​

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How can I order a shop or a web site?

1. Fill in the contact formular
Fill in the contact formular of the uTypia website accurately (tips for inquiries) or directly contact the uTypia team via e-mail (

2. Offer
With the help of your information we find the adequate solution for you and establish an offer, possibly with alternative proposals. You can test the functionalities of the software in a demonstration shop.

3. Signing of the licence agreement
You choose one of the offers and sign the licence agreement. This agreement protects your and our rights and is therefore important for both sides.

4. Setup of your shop
With your assistance we set up your individual shop.
5. Transmission of access codes
You get the access codes and all important information for the administration of your shop. From this point your customers can begin to shop online.
Order your shop online:​


What are the technical conditions of uTypia?

​uTypia Factsheet - technical conditions


uTypia offers a high standard of hardware, software and hosting in order to ensure the frictionless operation of uTypia online shops and save clients data best possible. 



The uTypia shops are offered exclusively including hosting (here). One of the main reasons is that font licenses are included.
For the use of fonts in online shops with product configurator a special license is required which is very expensive (for example per font (Arial Bold Italic) per server per year up to 400 EUR)
We have special conditions for uTypia that we can pass on to our customers - 5 licensed fonts with all typefaces (up to 20) are included in the offer below
In addition, we still have many royalty-free scripts in which we have the license freedom legally checked.
Another reason is the version update e.g. Adaptation to new browsers etc. are included and are carried out by us without extra costs.
Of course you can operate the uTypia Shop System under one of your domains.​
Availability of power is essential. The data center has full power backup in case of an outage. Generators, in combination with UPS systems, guarantee maximum availability.


• AC 230 Volt power breakers: 16 or 32 Amp
• DC power voltage: 48 Volt, DC power breakers of various sizes
The hosting facility is equipped with redundant cooling equipment. Down-flow cooling units guarantee maximum cooling for our equipment. Room temperature is maintained at 18 to 25 ºC with a humidity level of 40% - 60%.
The hosting centre is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system to prevent unauthorised access to your equipment. With proximity cards, typically combined with biometric readers and mantraps, access is limited to authorised personnel.
Building management systems.
All data centre related equipment, such as cooling equipment, electrical systems and fire control systems, is monitored around the clock. All events are controlled and procedures are in place to react to every possible incident 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round.
The hosting centre is equipped with a fire detection and gas-based fire suppression systems as a first line defence against fire. These systems are automatic and monitored continuously (24 x 7). All buildings are equipped with hand-held CO2 fire extinguishing systems, as required by local fire regulations.
Direct fiber, copper and UTP connections to the carrier, ISP, Internet Exchange run via dedicated central patch rooms. Central patch rooms and all the cable trays are highly secure, and cabling and connections are redundant. 


UTypia Network is built with HP Switches, Juniper security equipment. All components (servers, switches, firewalls, cables) are using Gigabit Ethernet. Also the uTypia network is connected directly to Austrias main internet exchange point in Vienna (VIX) with Gigabit Ethernet.
UTypia is setup on Servers from Dell and Superstack. No server is older than 4 years.
Daily, weekly and monthly backups are created. They are saved on 3 different storage systems in 3 different locations.
A hardware firewall prevents uTypia system from external attacks. Further all Servers are equipped with Trend Micro Virus Protection and are updated automatically daily! 

uTypia owns licences for all installed software. We believe in the advantages of using software licences instead of open source products. Because of this the complete uTypia systemis based on Microsoft Windows Advanced Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft Content Management Server and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server.



What is ASP?

ASP is the abbreviation for application service providing and it means that software applications are not sold to customers but only rented. The system of ASP is becoming more and more popular as companies are increasingly outsourcing IT-Services.
Costs of programming on your own and the life cycle of software
When companies start to program an internet shop for customised products, the costs are usually underestimated at the beginning. The cost situation can best be made clear by the image of an iceberg. At the beginning you only see 20% of the costs. Only after going deeply into the matter, it comes apparent that considerably higher expenses are necessary.
Software applications have nowadays a life cycle of 1-3 years. The technology is changing so fast in this field, that after 2-3 years most applications become obsolete, if they are not updated.
In the ASP model the software provider usually steadily updates his software thus prolonguing its life cycle.
Advantages of the uTypia ASP model
- Continuous software updates

- No web hosting costs

- No costs for servers

- High security standards, frequent updates of virus and hacker protection

- Data maintainance of Trodat products

- Daily backup of shop data


Are uTypia shops usable with mobile devices?

uTypia works without technical problems on mobile devices.
It is used by many customers on tablets –
On smartphones it works but due to the small screen usability is not good.
For "utypia shop-in-shop Integrations" we will release a "responsive" version of uTypia until end of february 2016 latest.
So these uTypia shops will be available in responsive design.

That means that the pages will adapt to the available screen size and will improve user-friendliness for smartphones (and also tablets).

For stand-alone utypia shops, please ask your uTypia team !


Why is .bmp as output format recommended?

For ​Rubberstamp Makers: We recommend to use .bmp as output format for stamps, as the fonts between the Laser software and graphic programs are the same. Vectorized files as .eps do react different; and besides, neither .eps nor .pdf support the output for round stamps.​

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