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How does uTypia work?


Find several videos about how uTypia works in our YouTube channel. Amongst others, you can learn more about these topics:




  uTypia Business


   This video shows the order process of our e-commerce solution for 
   B2B clients. Employees can conveniently order custom products like 
   rubber stamps, business cards or signs online. Templates guarantee 
   the adherence to the corporate identity.


   Watch video




  uTypia Consumer


   Watch this video to see how the order process of our B2C solution
   works. You will see how easy this online shop solution makes it for
   your customers to order rubber stamps online and shows the intuitive
   Express Order Process which requires only four steps.​


   Watch video here!



  uTypia Consumer - Web2Print


  Have a look at this video to find out how easy it is to order printed matter like
  business cards, badges, promotional articles in uTypia as well!


  Click here to watch the video!


  uTypia Consumer - Copy Shop

  See how to order via uTypia Copy Shop: simply specify the desired printing
  product online, the system checks the uploaded files online and automatically
  calculates the prices. The output file is ready for digital printing.


  Have a look at the video about uTypia Copy Shop here!



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