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Integrated into online shops of Office Dealers




uTypia Reseller Solution


uTypia can be integrated perfectly into e-commerce platforms, which are used by Office Dealers to distribute their products online. Many years of experience in this field and cooperations with platforms like ECi and Soennecken (Trade Pilot) are the great advantages of uTypia.
Nearly every office dealer runs a professional online store. When it comes to selling custom products like stamps, business cards, signs etc. however, they are running into problems as most e-commerce solutions do not provide the functionality to customize the products online. With uTypia these products cannot only be ordered but as well customized online easily.
How does it work?
The user only has to login once in the office dealer’s store. If he orders custom products, he automatically is directed to the custom wizard of uTypia to personalize the product. Texts can be edited, graphics and logos uploaded and the result can be checked anytime an a layout preview. After finishing the customizing process, the user will be retransferred with all important data to the office dealer’s shop where the order can be finished. Like this all kinds of products can be ordered in just one shop with a uTypia shop-in-shop integration.
More and more office dealers are taking advantage of the possibility of integrating custom products in their online shops with the help of uTypia. Standard interfaces with e-commerce platforms for Office Dealers like Soennecken in Germany or ECi Software Solutions in Europe and the USA make it even easier.
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