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Integrations into Shopware Shop Systems

Product description

With the uTypia Stamp And Engraving Designer we enable you to integrate the uTypia Custom Wizard in a Shopware shop system. Therefore the existing functionalities from this shop sytem can be optimally combined with the individualization possibilities for stamp and signs from uTypia. In the background is a Shopware shop as well as an uTypia solution needed.

Features of "utypia Stamp And Engraving Designer"
• Seamless integration of necessary uTypia pages in the Shopware shop
• uTypia use for individualization - templates, Custom Wizard Layout creation, proof reading –  creation of individual design-layouts (templates) by adjusting the font, fontsize and alignment.
• Frames and lines as well as the use of logos and graphics
• Many correctly licensed fonts available
• Multilingual, Responsive-Design, Mobile-Ready
• Product Data Transfer of Trodat standard range of uTypia to Shopware
• Possibility for catalogue import from uTypia (unique and periodically updated)
• User and group administration only in Shopware necessary
• Layout preview in the cart
• The extension is based on the Shopware standard template
• Announcement / download possibility of the production files directly from the Shopware admin area

Ordering process for ENDcustomersup_Screen_mitRahmen.jpg
The endcostumer orders in the Shopware Shop, and is forwarded to the uTypia pages : Select templates, create a layout and proofread - for customizable products; afterwards the product will be placed in the cart of the Shopware shop. The order will be completed and paid there. The use of credit card modules in Shopware or integrations in package shipping tools or merchandise management systems, if present, is also possible. Production files are transmitted from uTypia by email and can also be found in the order management in Shopware.

target group
1. Internet professionals who want to run a Shopware store itself or hire an agency
2. High-End B2C Consumer stampmaker and engravers with SEO know-how
3. Shopware shop owners for instance: hobbyist shops, teacher shops, who want to expand their range of products, but don't want to produce the stamps on their own
4. Stampmaker who produce themselves and make uTypia available for the Shopware store owners

advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of uTypia Stamp and Engraving Designer – plus Shopware:
- Extremely flexible standard webshopsystem
- Availability of additional modules such as Credit cards and shipping modules
- High End SEO options
- Integration in merchandise management systems
- Responsive design for mobile devices
- Find additional resellers in the Shopware-Shop environment

Disadvantages of uTypia Stamp and Engraving Designer – plus Shopware:
- Higher administration costs compared to uTypia shop
- More expertise or external agency needed
- Usually higher costs compared to uTypia shop

plugin and demo

The Shopware Plug In will be sonn in the Shopware Store and available here: !

Feel free to visit our demo shop !


Included services
SETUP – uTypia Stamp and Engraving Designer
•PlugIn for download and self-installation
SETUP – Integration
• uTypia integration
SETUP – uTypia
• uTypia catalogue with trodat standard products
• 2-hour training for the uTypia admin area
Current operating – utypia

1. Hostings, Firewall and virus protection
2. Support-Hotline
3. Daily backup
4. Database maintenance for trodat products
5. Updates generally

not included services
The setup doesn't include:
-  Adjustments when using non-standard Shopware templates
-  Additional support for Shopware
Current operating does not include:
Hosting and operating of the Shopware Shop, respectively support

required modules
1) 002-009: The uTypia Stamp and Engraving Designer includes:
- Manual for self-installation in Shopware
- Shopware Plug In files
- uTypia Integration
2) 001-xxx: utypia solution (available in different versions)
- 001-001-001 uTypia Business next Professional, optionally incl. the Engraving module
- 001-001-002 uTypia Business next Standard
- 001-002-003 uTypia Basic *)
- 003-001 utypia company shop (for existing uTypia customers)

*) not available in all countries, on demand

Details are available in the respective product data sheets, please contact your uTypia sales team: .