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Comparision Standard Version - Professional Version


The uTypia shop solutions are available in 2 different versions: Standard and Professional. In order to give you an overview of the differences, find a summary below.
While the Standard Version has all the important functionalities for selling rubber stamps over the Internet, Professional is a comprehensive version, which offers many important additional functions.​


Standard Version 

= version for rubber stamps

Professional Version 

= comprehensive version​


  All important functionalities:
  -  Text editing
  -  Graphic upload
  -  Formatting
  -  Templates
  -  Layout preview etc.
  All important + more functions:
  -  Multi Color functionality
  -  More options for starting page
  -  Individual discounts
  -  Additional administration features
  -  Other additional features​
  Product range:
  -  Rubber stamps
  Trodat products available to individual prices in all variations​
  Product range:
  -  Rubber stamps
  -  Other custom products
     (signs, printed matter, promotional articles, etc.)​
  Advanced Add-on possibilities:
  -  Integration into other systems (SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft etc.)
  -  Company Shops possible
  -  Add-Ons for engraving and print available​