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The all-round rubber stamp software solution




uTypia Business Shop


uTypia Business is the ideal solution for professional selling of custom products such as stamps, business cards or signs on the internet. This solution enables clients to personalize custom products online easily. uTypia Business is an all-round solution of uTypia which offers essential functionalities especially for corporate clients, such as the possibility of integrations into systems of large corporations, creation of CI-conform templates etc.
uTypia Business is available as a Standard or Professional version.ub_business_lady_oh_rahmen.jpg

Advantages uTypia Business Shop
  • All-round solution - open or closed shop system possible
  • Special functionalities for large corporations
  • Templates facilitate the usability and can preserve the corporate identity
  • Functionality for optimization guarantees ideal use of available space on text plate
  • Preview reduces errors and claims 
  • Available in many different styles

most important features of uTypia Business 
Use the Configurator to create your fully detailed individual imprint by using its logical and practical structure.
Text will be automatically fit to the dimensions of the product. Other important functions are text editing, inserting of graphics, setting of frames, exact text positioning etc.
Selection of Sample Imprints ub_CW_en_inklRand.jpg
Sample imprints can be stored for either users or user groups, thus speeding up multiple ordering of similar products. Companies can be assured that their employees will be strictly preserving the company’s corporate identity.
More information
Get an idea of how it works in our video!
The administration offers besides the content management a range of functions to adopt the offer for important customers. There is no programming knowledge necessary.
Most important functions:
  • User management
  • Catalogue management
  • Order history
  • Manage shop settings
  • Metatags management
  • Product, User reports
  • Price management 


E-procurement - integration into otherub_integrations.jpg systems
Using standard interfaces, the uTypia Business Professional shop can also be integrated into other systems such as e-procurement solutions or market places. Furthermore, integrations into existing online shop solutions (shop-in-shop integrations) are possible.
Such integrations can facilitate the order process considerably and lead to savings of expenses.
More information on integration possibilities


Huge Variety of Products


Most of the articles that are sold over uTypia are print, signage, or rubber stamp products. But there are also a lot of other products such as T-shirts, personalized mugs or tattoos that are sold over uTypia. Theoretically uTypia is particularly suitable for every product that can be personalized. Of course, also non customizable products can be ordered in the shop.