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The B2C rubber stamp software solution



utypia Consumer​


The uTypia Consumer solution focuses on online selling of personalised products to small offices, home offices and private customers. A key feature of uTypia Consumer is the intuitive Express Order process. First the user makes the layout, the shop suggests suitable products afterwards. An attractive, modern shop design gives the shop a professional image. The site offers the ideal technical conditions for search engine optimisation.
Advantages and features uTypia Consumer
Due to the highly user-friendly order process, the intuitive interface and design, uTypia Consumer is the ideal E-commerce solution for selling custom products to end customers.

  • Intuitive express order process uc_start_en_inklRand.jpg
  • Automatic layout preview
  • Product recommendation feature
  • Variety of layouts available
  • Best technical conditions for Search Engines
  • Connection to social media
  • Modern design
  • General templates
  • Cross selling functionality
  • Express order with only 4 steps

teaser_uc_en.jpgThe customer thinks in imprints
Test and studies confirm that a good portion of consumers think about the text imprint when buying stamps and not about a specific stamp product. The new shop software therefore offers a completely innovative approach during the ordering process: The customer begins directly with the imprint design. In conclusion, uTypia suggests appropriate products. The stamp is ordered in just four simple steps!
The custom wizard is the core piece
The custom wizard, in which the customer can design the stamp, features many new functions:

The layout preview is automatically updated even during customer input. Simple manipulation of logos, text optimization, and numerous other functions, combine to make the custom wizard an intuitive, user-friendly instrument. The possibility of switching from a monochrome to a Multi Color Stamp exists in the custom wizard for the first time.
It's so easy - have a look at our video!
Best technical conditions for Search Engine Optimization search_engine_optimised.jpg
A good online shop does not mean that one automatically achieves good sales figures just yet. Potential customers should be able to find the shop through Google & Co, too. Therefore, the shop was well customized on the technical side. uTypia Consumer provides good preconditions for a good ranking. Naturally the shop owner must make his contribution and, in particular, optimize contents.

Demoshop: consumer 

3 available versions - basic, Standard and Professional
There are three different versions: Basic, Standard and Professional. For Basic, there is no need for administration. A catalogue with Trodat Standard products and recommended retail proces is provided by Trodat. Basic is not available in all of the countries worldwide - please contact us for more details! While the Standard Version has all the important functions for selling rubber stamps online including administration access for adaptions, Professional is a comprehensive version, which offers many important additional functions.
Additional options and functions of uTypia Consumer Professional:

  • Different product ranges (signs, business cards, engraving products etc.)
  • Integrations in other systems possible
  • Company Shops possible
  • Add-Ons for print and engraving available
  • More options for starting page
  • Multi Color functionality
  • Additional administration features:
    > Creation of various catalogues
    > Management of user groups