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uTypia Page






The advantages of uTypia page at one sight: up_Screen_mitRahmen.jpg
  • Modern design
  • Search Engine friendly
  • High quality Content Management
  • Compatibility with uTypia Shop
  • Multi-lingual possible
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • Integration with Google Maps
Click here for a  Demo of uTypia page
With uTypia page you can present your company in a simple but professional way online. Modern design layouts, easy and independent compilation and change of your web contents and the ideal technical conditions for Search Engine Optimization give you the best premises for your website.
Impress your customers with a professional internet presence! layouts.jpg
The appearance of your website is a crucial factor in attracting existing and potential customers. Your website is your online business card and should reflect the professionalism you also show in your day-to-day business.
With uTypia page you automatically can choose from designs, which were developed by web design-specialists.
Choose from our attractive colour layouts! 
Create and administrate your website easily by yourself -
no technical background knowledge needed!  Admin_pic.jpg
With uTypia page you can change the contents of your homepage easily to keep it updated. You ask yourself how this works? 

1. Choose one of our professional color layouts

2. You get access to the administration area of your website, where you can login

3. With our user-friendly input masks you can change your texts, images, links etc.

4. With only one click on the publish button your new contents will be integrated in the website and are visible online worldwide for your customers 


Search Engine Optimisation
You are aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization, but you don't know what you have to pay attention to when creating your contents?
uTypia page offers the ideal technical conditions for a search engine optimized website; additionally we provide you with the essential hints and info you have to take in mind when preparing your contents.

Lets help your clients to find you in Google & Co! 

The ideal combination for rubber stamp makers: uTypia shop + uTypia page
If you already have a uTypia shop, you now can complete your web presence with uTypia page.
By easy integration of the shop in your website you can profit from the synergies resulting from having both solutions from one partner.

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