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uTypia offers a wide range of solutions for all business cases of office product dealers.
Please see below a short description of each of our solutions with a link to the more detailed sub-page.

If you have any questions regarding those topics, please feel free to contact the uTypia support team for more information and help. Use for your communication.

 - ​​​Login in an uTypia shop: 
    -- Customer service of the OPD receives a Login to enter orders in uTypia​
 - Login with registration code
    -- Registration code allows easy handling of multiple users of an OPD (e.g.           multiple locations) and automatic assignement of special prices and                   conditions.

 - uTypia Portal stand alone:
    -- Entry level solution to provide multiple small office dealer of one RSM with         a shop
    -- Identical product range and pricing for all OPD

 - uTypia company shop:
    -- Add-on-Shop with the name and logo of the OPD, individual product range and prices.

 - uTypia Portal Integrated:
    -- Seamlessly integrated into the OPD Webshop with electronic order data transferdata transfer.PNG
    -- Suitable if Multiple dealer are using the same shop solution e.g Buying     ​             Group, IT-Provider, Wholesaler

 - uTypia company shop plus shop-in-shop integration:
    -- Seamlessly integrated into the OPD Webshop with electronic order data                transfer
    -- Individual product range and pricing as well as integration options

 - uTypia professional shop plus shop-in-shop integration:
    -- If the OPD wants full control to select the RSM and other fulfillers

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