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uTypia Add-on: font package


TRODAT always strives to expand the existing offer of fonts in its uTypia webshops and, of course, seeks for meeting its clients' individual demands. However, the use of new fonts may lead to a potential liability risk, of which TRODAT wants to inform you in the following:

Font Licensing Companies require special (webshop-/server-) license agreements for a valid use of their fonts in webshops like utypia. As a result, TRODAT has to enter into such agreements in order to ensure that such fonts can be integrated validly into uTypia and any required development servers as well as provided to you as a customer of TRODAT which uses uTypia. Thus, TRODAT, in its role as provider of the software, is co-responsible for an adequate license management of the implemented fonts within the various uTypia webshops.

If a client requests the implementation of new font, for which TRODAT has no corresponding font license agreement in place, there is the potential risk of an allegation of copyright infringement. This can result in a possibly considerable liability risk.
Even if a client enters into an assumption of liability, the respective Font License Companies can and will assert its claims – license fees, damage compensation, omission, lawyers' fees – against TRODAT as the provider of uTypia. Thus TRODAT does also bear the economic risk of not being compensated by its clients. In addition the risk of being subject to claims based on Austrian Criminal Law, due to copyright infringements, does even rest directly with the responsible managing directors of TRODAT.

Although a good customer relationship and close cooperation exist, TRODAT is not able to verify if requested fonts (i) are covered by valid license agreements between its clients and Font License Companies or (ii) belong to clients' own intellectual property.

TRODAT therefore ask for your understanding that the request of a client for a new font to be implemented into utypia can only be followed upon if 

a) Trodat can licencse the font at a font licensing company wtth the correct type of license agreement.
b) The Copyright of the font clearly shows that the client or the end-customer is the copyright owner of the font (for example "corporate fonts" like "Credit-suisse light") and the client confirms this an assumption of liability.

This procedure also protects you – as far  as possible – from liability risks and legal risks and saves you the possibly very high costs of doing a legal evaluation and risk evaluation yourselves. 

Any Installation of a font in uTypia by Trodat is valid only for use within uTypia. A local use of the font is not covered by the uTypia font license agreement. 

The availability of a font – which is not already part of the uTypia font offer – depends on the Font-Licensing-company that owns the font. They are also the deciding factor for the time required between Font-Request and Font-Implementation. Trodat will apply a high priority to the Font-Request, legal license checks and Installation of new fonts. 

Already licensed fonts

All already licensed and available fonts can be seen at this homepage:  

Fonts from the SETUP pool can be chosen by the shopowner during the shop setup. Included are Arial and 4 additional fonts. Additionally, an unlimited number of fonts from the UTYPIA pool can be chosen without any extra charge.

All fonts from the EXTRA fontpool and additional fonts from the SETUP pool are extra charged and can be bought with a 5-, 10- oder 20 fontpackage. If the uTypia print or engraving module is activated, the font faces (not only the fonts) have to be counted.

Available for these utypia products

Available for these utypia products:
- uTypia Business next Professional
- uTypia consumer Professional 
- uTypia consumer Standard
- uTypia Business next Standard
- uTypia Portal
- uTypia company shop
- uTypia voucher

Not available for these utypia products:
- uTypia page 

A cancellation of a font package or also single fonts is only possible at the end of every year. uTypia also has to license the fonts for a whole year.

Contact: utypia support  +43 7242 239 340


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