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uTypia addon: SSL

Product description

Web shop data security can be improved with SSL-Encryption of the web-shop.
SSL encrypts the data transfer between the shop and the end customer – like that Data such as Name, Address, etc cannot be seen unauthorized parties. We recommend to enable SSL for reasons of data security.
SSL-Encryptions slows down the web shop. 

How does it work  

Trodat Internet Services purchases and generates the SSL-Certificate needed for the encryption and install and renews it In this case no technical expertise by the shop-owner is needed to activate the SSL-Encryption
The SSL Certificate is installed by uTypia-support. No action from the shop-owner is necessary

For all uTypia Shops, which use an  Internet-adress that is owned by the Shop-owner like . or  -  there is the option for the shop-owner to purchase the certificate himself. uTypia Support will – in this case – create the necessary configuration file (CSR).  We can also recommend certain suppliers for SSL-Certificates.  After purchase we install the new certificate.
Due to the increased effort for preparation and coordination the purchase and payment of the SSL Certificate directly thru the shop-owner can not result in a lower price for this uTypia add-on Modul.

Target group 

• Main reasons to use SSL-Encryption are:
- Some Credit-Card integrations require SSL (most no longer do so)
- uTypia shop with an Ariba Integration – Ariba requires SSL
- Big End customer with high security needs (e.g. Bank) requests SSL
- Google Merchant Center requires SSL

Advantages and disadvantages  

Registration Code_3.png
• Data is sent encrypted
• better security

• slows down the shop  


Included Services:

SSL Service purchase from us includes: 1 standard SSL certificate for your shop URL (and prefixes) with and without www, plus switching from http to https. Generally, the shop runs under 1 domain. Further domains and SSL certificates have to be additionally purchased for 4 EUR monthly. High level SSL certificates can be requested on demand.​ 

- Configuration of the SSL Encryption 
- Renewal of the SSL encryption
- Purchase price of the SSL-Certificate *1)
- The price is per Shop – not per uTypia Licensee – meaning the SSL Encryption  is activated only for one shop 

Not included services: 

- Training by Internet Service 
- *1) for SSL certificates bought by the shop-owner he has to pay for  the Certificate himself
- Wildcard Certificates for multiple sites

Available for these uTypia Products:

- uTypia business 6 professional
- uTypia business 6 standard
- uTypia business 6 company shop
- uTypia portal 
- uTypia voucher
- uTypia consumernext professional
- uTypia consumernext standard 
- uTypia consumernext basic
- uTypia consumernext company shop

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