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uTypia AddOn: company Shop

Product description

uTypia Company Shop is a subshop of your uTypia Shop Professional Version and can act like an individual
online shop. It can be used either for resellers or for large corporate clients. The shop has its individual
design (logo, banner, etc.); individual product catalog, prices and URL are possible. 
Each company shop can have one integration to another system. Per customer per country is an own company shop required.

Features of uTypia Company Shop
Individual design
Individual product catalog and pricing
Functions just like main shop
Own interfaces for integrations into other systems possible (available additionally)
Same or individual output format (for production files) as in main shop possible
Individual About Us and Legal Informatin section
Available as consumernext or Business 6 next version
Trodat offers uTypia as a turn key solution. You do not need to be an internet expert to be successful. All              technical components are provided (webshop, licenses, URL, Hosting, firewall, data security)


Included Services

The uTypia Business 6 shop includes :
Virus protection
daily data backup
Trodat products data maintenance
Many fonts available (correctly licensed, legally proofed) – see 
Order data by e-mail including production ready layouts in BMP, GIF, TIFF, or JPG
Continuous improvements like keeping up with new Internet Browsers Administration 

Administration area:
Product catalog management
Creation of various catalogues – for specific customers
Price export and import
User and group management
Discount management
Order history
User and administration manual
Payment and shipping options


Included are all Trodat products (data and setup provided by utypia support)
as well as stamp products which are not in competition to Trodat. (This is the difference to the utypia                    standard shop)
Unlimited other non-customizable products
Not allowed are Stamp products in competition with Trodat (except Pre-Inked)
Copy of the main shop's catalogue possible

Not included services:

The setup doesn't include:
setup of templates (example layouts)
setup of non-trodat products

Current operating does not include:
Sales promotions for the shop as well as Search engine optimization or Google marketing
Credit card payment or SSL (available as add-on) 

Available Integrations

1) Integration e-procurement – into systems of big corporations
2) Integration shop-in-shop – into officeproduct webshops
3) Automatic login – link from the webshop to utypia and autom. login
4) Utypia order integration – get the order data electronically instead of e-mail  
5) uTypia Stamp and Engraving Designer – Magento extension or Shopware PlugIn

Details are available in the respective product data sheets.

Available Add-ons

1) Engraving module – for signs and engraved products, includes EPS output
2) Trotec integration – get production files with .tsf as output and send directly to your Trotec laser
3) Print module – for business cards and other print products, includes pdf output
4) Copy shop module – to sell copies, leaflets, invitations.. with special price calculation and upload                        possibilities
5) order approval – allows order approval process by office product dealer or big endcustomer
6) registration code – for big endcustomers – get special conditions (prices, catalog, shipping costs..)
7) * SSL – for security – encrypted data traffic to the shop
8) Credit card module – different integrations possible (PayPal, Sofort Überweisung , …)
9) Additional font-Packages – 5 fonts are included; for more or extra fonts see

Details are available in the respective product data sheets.

Available Services (can be done by yourself too)

1) User import  - for user import based on an excel spreadsheet directly on our database
2) Configure Google Analytics 
3) Create new templates for Stamp and Engraving
4) Create new product for Stamp and Engraving – non Trodat products that are allowed in the catalogue
5) Design Business cards

Details are available in the respective product data sheets.

Target group  

Target group for the shop are Rubberstamp makers that already have a uTypia Shop and would like to run an additional one for resellers, office product dealers or big company customers.

Only those who have an idea what to do with the shop.

Demo or 

​Contact: utypia support  +43 7242 239 340​ 

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