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uTypia addon: Coupon Code Landing page

Product description

Coupon codes are becoming more and more important as an internet marketing tool. 
Sell customizable products on shopping portals like Amazon or ebay or on coupon platforms like Groupon 
And send your customers a coupon code so they can design the layouts  of their purchased products in uTypia.

There is a separate landing page available for your shop now. The link to this landing page
can be sent to your customers as soon as they place an order in Amazon, ebay
or on other platforms.

This landing page is accessible under these short, memorable URLs (all go to the same page):
There, you can prominently position the Coupon Code Webpart. Like this, the users can access
this page directly, enter their Coupon Code which they received in Amazon, ebay or similar and
will be taken directly to the correct product or category. The value of the voucher will be
deducted automatically.

Coupon Code Landing Page.png
This tool will help you to sell most easily customizable products on online shopping platforms!

How does it work  

Coupon Code Landing Page_2.png

1. Link in administration area Manage Campaigns appears
2. New coupon is created by shop owner -amount and conditions are defined by shop owner
3. Period of validity is defined by shop owner
4. Coupons are sent by mail to shop ownerCoupon Code Landing Page_3.png
5. Shop owner allocates coupons to clients
6. Clients order like usual and insert coupon code in checkout process or on first page and will be taken automatically to the valid product or category
Coupon Code Landing Page_4.png

Target group 

Companies that sell customizable products via ebay, Amazon or other Shopping Channels

Advantages and disadvantages  

• selling of customizable products via standard internet shopping channels 

• it is possible that these shopping channels (ebay, amazon,…) do not allow to send emails with links to customers or are not in favor of it. Please check this for your country and shopping channel prior to using this module

Demo (in preparation) -  coupon code SDFVETR "

Included Services:

First time creation and configuration oft he "Landing Page" by uTypia support
Manual how to create coupon codes 

Not included services: 

Ongoing Adaptions of the "Landing Page" by uTypia Support (can be done by  Shopowner)
Creation of coupon codes by uTypia support  (can be done by shopowner) 
Send coupon codes tot he end-customer by uTypia support 
Check if the use of emails with links to end-customers is allowed by the shopping channel (ebay, amazon,..) 
The price is per Shop – not per uTypia Licensee – meaning the coupon Code Landing page is activated only for one shop

Available for these uTypia Products:

- uTypia business professional
- uTypia business standard
- uTypia business company shop-
- uTypia consumer professional
- uTypia consumer standard 
- uTypia consumer company shop
- uTypia consumer portal