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uTypia AddOn: Fulfiller

Product description

A fulfiller is a third party as producer for special products. So for example the rubberstampmaker makes the textplates for the stamps and the production of the business cards he sells online is done by a printing company.
With the uTypia fulfiller AddOn the process can be automatically controlled so that the respective production file is always sent to the right producer.

Features of uTypia Fulfiller
Setup of the fulfiller is done by uTypia support, with the respective e-mail address(es)
After that the shopowner has the possibility to choose the fulfiller for each product / category in
        his shop's catalogue(s)
Editing the fulfiller is also possible per mass update
More than one fulfiller per shop possible
Resending orders out of the order history per fulfiller possible


Include​d Services

The uTypia fulfiller module includes :
Virus protection
daily data backup
order data (production files) sent to the respective fulfiller
Setup of the fulfiller
This service is only charged per customer, not per shop nor per fulfiller

Not included services:

Editing of the fulfiller in the catalogue(s) / products 

Target group  

Target group for the AddOn are rubberstampmakers that have outsourced a part of their production and who want to automate and improve the production process with their 3rd party partners

Available for these uTypia products

uTypia Business 6 professional

Contact: utypia suppo​rt  +43 7242 239 340 


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