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uTypia addon: IP-Restriction

Product description

IP-Restriction allows only users from certain IP-Addresses to enter the shop.
The main reason to use IP-Restriction is a big End customer with high security needs (e.g. Bank) requests the IP-Restriction.

IP-Restrictions are difficult to handle the IP-Address of the end customer (Bank) may change periodically. This always stops orders in the shop until the new IP-Addresses are entered in the not-restricted list.

If a RSM does not have a fixed IP-Address from his Internet Provider – access to the shop-administration may be lost very often. This does not interrupt ordering but may cause problems for an "utypia order integration".

Therefore we recommend IP-Restriction to be implemented only on request of an important end customer.

How does it work  

This  add-on block access for all users – if they do not use an IP-adress that was specifically allowed

Target group 

• main reasons for the use of this add-on are:
- End customers with high security demands (banks)
- But which do not have an uTypia e-procurement integration

Advantages and disadvantages 


• better security

• if IP-adress-changes no orders nor administration are possible

Included Services:

Trodat Internet Services will add and remove IP-Addresses to the "not-restricted list"


The price is per Shop – not per uTypia Licensee – meaning the IP Restriction  is activated only for one shop​

Available for these uTypia Products:

- uTypia business professional
- uTypia business standard
- uTypia business company shop
- uTypia voucher
- uTypia consumer professional
- uTypia consumer standard 
- uTypia consumer company shop
- uTypia consumer portal

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