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uTypia Registration Code

Product description

With the "Registration Code"  a specific group of users (for example employees of a company‘s subsidiary or chain store) are allowed to buy at certain predefined conditions.
Using the registration code, which is the same for the whole group, the users can register themselves,
and select an individual username and password. 
The "Registration code" assigns the correct prices, discounts, Layout-Templates, Logos, Shipping- and Payment-Options and Product-Ranges to the enduser. These special settings are not available or visible to a "normal" enduser without the registration code. 
The next time they come to the shop, they log in with their personal information and will see only their conditions.

Very useful if many persons by at "special settings" – for example franchises of a fast food chain or independent insurance agents. Otherwise the enders would have to be (pre-)created by the Shop-administrators manually – which would be a lot of work. 

Also like that users can buy at many different "special settings" in one uTypia (business) shop without the need to setup a company-shop for each user-group. 

Registration Code_1.png
"Registration Code" as e-procurement Tool:
For some larger corporation an e-procurement Integration is not possible – mostly because they do not use an e-procurement system yet. In these cases an uTypia company shop can be setup – where an enduser can only register if he knows the "registration code". With this setting only employees of this corporation can order from the uTypia shop.  This could be done also without a separate utypia company shop but then the code could not be mandatory. If an user registers without the code he will not order at "special settings" but at the shop standard settings.

Registration Code 

 Registration Code_2.png

1. At the start page the user clicks on the “Register now“ link.
2. The member registration form shows up
3. The user fills in the registration code and
registers as usual.
From this point, orders can be done via the individual user ID and password - the user
automatically orders in the right catalog at the right conditions 

Target group 

• Retail chains, or franchise networks like fast food chains, gas stations, rental cars etc.
• Companies with independent co-workers or agencies
• Customers that can not be integrated as they do not have an E-procurement system for the whole group

Advantages and disadvantages  

Registration Code_3.png

• All the order dates are saved to the single users‘ name
• No user sees the orders of the other users
• Same buying conditions for all users
• No need to preregister every single user
• One registration code for the whole company
• Access to company specific templates
Disadvantages compared to an e-procurement Integration: 
• no electronic Data-Exchange
• Order Approval only in combination with addon Module "Order Approval"
• User need to register and login – no Single sign on  



An  interactive Demo is unfortunately not feasible. 
Screenshots of the process can be found in the PPT Presentation for this Module

Included Services:

- Configuration of a registration code 
- Later Adaptions and Extensions (can also be done in part yourself)
- Support with problems or questions during ongoing operations
- PPT for Presentation to the enduser
- Manual for Shop Administrator
- The price is per Shop – not per uTypia Licensee – meaning the registration code is activated and configured only for one shop. 

Not included services: 

- Training by Internet Service 
- Approval of actual orders by Internet Service

Available for these uTypia Products:

- uTypia business professional
- uTypia business standard
- uTypia business company shop
- uTypia consumer professional
- uTypia consumer standard 
- uTypia consumer company shop
- uTypia consumer portal

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