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Product description  

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The utypia WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance Add On makes sure that your uTypia shop is barrier-free according to the WCAG 2.1 rules. Standards and more details about these guidelines can be found at the official page from W3 organization. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards, for example the standards for the WCAG guidelines.​


Standard features for meeting the WCAG 2.1 requirements, such as:

• Text alternatives for non-text content
• Optimized orientation
• Colour management
• Contrast management
• Easy navigation
• Easy language
• Mobile-ready
• WCAG compliance check

Target group

uTypia Shop owners or those who want to become, and who want to sell personalized print products online in a WCAG compliant shop, especially in webshops for public authorities.

Inlucded Services

• Activation of the WCAG module
• WCAG compliance check
• Fixes for urgent alerts in regards of WCAG compliance
 Colour and contrast management

Not INLUCDED Services

• Fixes for information about non-compliant issues on lowest level

Available for these uTypia products

Available for the following uTypia products: 
- uTypia Business 6 Standard and Professional
- uTypia Voucher
- uTypia Portal
- uTypia company shop Business 6
- uTypia Basic

Currently not available for the following uTypia products: 
- uTypia consumernext


Link to our demoshop:   
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