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uTypia Integration: Automatic login

Product description  

uTypia Integration option "Automatic login" is used to link an uTypia shop to an Office-Products-Dealer Shop (or other webshop) and automatically login the user with the information from the OPD Shop. Also if the user does not exist – it can be created automatically.automatic login.png

The user is then forwarded to utypia and creates the layouts in uTypia. He also uses the utypia checkout and creates a uTypia order.

This is more user-friendly than just a link. The user does not have to login/register separately on uTypia. It is however technically more complex as the OPD-shop needs to send the user information.

It is less complex than a full shop-in-shop integration where the user is logged in or created but passed back to the OPD shop to do the checkout there. With Automatic login the OPD is informed about an order by email from utypia – there is no electronic data exchange. Also the stamp order is always separate. If a Credit-card payment option is needed it needs to be created on uTypia. Also pricing and shipping rates are taken from utypia.

-          Automatically logs in users from a linked OPD Shop
-          Automatically creates new users
-          Improved user-friendliness compared to just a link
-          Less technically complex than a full "shop-in-shop" integration


Products and Prices: 

-          product range and prices are taken from the utypia shop

Payment/Shipping options: 
-          as defined in the utypia shop.


The OPD will receive a technical interface description that shows how to send the necessary user information to utypia. This needs to be implemented in the Webshop-Software of the OPD. Costs may occur.


​​      One-time fee – see pricelist available for the following utypia products:

-          uTypia Business 6 Standard and Professional

-          uTypia Consumernext Standard and Professional

-          uTypia Portal

-          uTypia Company Shop


Not available for the following uTypia products:

-          uTypia Voucher

-          utypia Page


This setup has to be done and is charged per shop.​

Contact: utypia support  +43 7242 239 340 

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