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uTypia Integration: e-procurement PO

Product description  

e-procurement PO.png
uTypia e-procurement integrations are sometimes done with the first 2 integrations points (login+basket-return) and without the electronic Purchase order. This happens especially often with SAP Integrations as the electronic purchase order is not directly a part of the OCI Integration.
Independent of the first 2 integration steps the elelctronic PO can be an
- cXML order 
- IDOC Orders05
- xCBL Order

For some integrations this 3rd message (electronic PO) can be established years later. At that time it is not like a full e-procurement integration but the setup and testing requires some work. 
In this cases this "utypia integration – e-procurement PO" module is used.



One-time fee – see pricelist

available for the following utypia products: 
- uTypia E-Procurement Integration

Contact: utypia support  +43 7242 239 340​ 

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