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uTypia Integration: Order Integration

Product description  

The purpose of this integration is to transfer the Order data plus the production image to the RSM in an electronic format – so that it can be imported into the ERP/invoicing system and/or a typesetting software.

The advantage to the RSM is that he does not need to rekey the order information and avoid possible errors and typos.

The order data is sent in XML format with optionally the production image embedded in the XMLorder integration.png
The order data is either sent
- As an attachment to the order email
- Via an HTTP-Post to a webpage 
- Requested via a webservice for download

It is important that the article codes and customer codes
are matching between uTypia and ERP/invoicing system
to avoid import problems. Utypia supports adapting of 
the product codes with an excel import/export of the 
product codes (SKUs) in the utypia catalog.

Included Services


Setup of the integration 
Support with the integration test
Export/import of the product catalog for SKU Changes

Not Included Services


Entering the article codes (SKU) in the catalog
Entering the customer codes in the user-data
Adapting the XML to a format specified by the ERP/Invoicing software
Software to save the email-attachement in a folder (e.g. Eudora email)
Configuration of email client to save the attachment in a folder



One-time fee per shop – see pricelist 

available for the following uTypia products: 
- uTypia Business 6 Standard and Professinal
-       uTypia consumernext Standard and Professional
- uTypia Portal Stand Alone
- uTypia Company Shop
- uTypia Voucher 

Contact: utypia support  +43 7242 239 340​ 

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