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uTypia Shop-in-Shop Integration

​Product descriptionShop-in-shop.jpg

Integrate your uTypia shop to Office Dealers‘ web stores! This enables their customers to personalise custom products like rubber stamps,
business cards, signs etc. online and increases the loyalty of the
Office Dealers at the same time.
Nearly every office dealer runs a professional online store to sell his products. When it comes to selling custom products they often run into 
problems as the majority of e-commerce solutions does not provide the
functionality of personalising and designing custom products online. 
These problems can be solved by a shop-in-shop integration of uTypia.

How can an integration look like? 

The integration of uTypia into an Office Dealer‘s web store can be done in various ways, uTypia can be integrated in an existing frame or as well open in a new window as a microsite:


• Online text editing, logo upload, borders, etc.
• Check of the layout in a preview window
• Save layout for later use
• Avoid errors & claims

• Automatic text optimising

Advantages for shopowners:

Optimised order process of personalised products
• All products in one shop
• User only has to login once
• Combined sales statistics of both shops

• Already interfaces to many webshops like Hybris, ECInteractive, Soennecken, ECI-Easyorder, Netalogue, Dynasoft-Tosca
Integration into any other webshop possible

Included Services

The Integration includes:

  • Hosting
  • Firewall
  • Virus protection
  • support-hotline
  • daily data backup
  • Many fonts available (correctly licensed, legally proofed) – see
  • Order data by e-mail including production ready layouts in BMP, GIF, TIFF, or JPG
  • Continuous improvements like keeping up with new Internet Browsers
  • A utypia company shop

Not included services

The setup doesn't include:

  • setup of templates (example layouts)
  • setup of non-trodat products

Additional information

This integration is also available as Add on for further integrations in subsidiaries with an existing integration, with identical software and identical utypia shop owner. It could also require a company shop.​

Administration of uTypia Business Next Professional Version:

  • Product catalog management
  • Price export and import
  • Order history
  • administration manual
  • Integration setup manual


  ​Contact: utypia support  +43 7242 239 340 
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