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uTypia Stamp and Engraving Designer


With the uTypia Stamp and Engraving Designer we enable you to integrate the uTypia Custom Wizard in a Magento, Shopware and Prestashop. 


Therefore the existing functionalities from Magento, Shopware and Prestashop can be optimally combined with the individualization possibilities 
for stamp and signs from uTypia. In the background is a Magentoprestashop_logo2.png

Shopware and Prestashop as well as an uTypia solution needed.

Features of "utypia Stamp and Engraving Designer"

Seamless integration of necessary uTypia sides in Magento, Shopware and Prestashop

uTypia use for individualization- templates, Custom Wizard Layout creating, proof reading –                        possibility of individual design-layouts (templates) by adjusting the font, fontsize and alignment. 

Frames and lines as well as the use of logos and graphics

Many correctly licensed fonts available

Multilingual, Responsive-Design, Mobile-Ready

Product Data Transfer of Trodat standard range of uTypia to Magento, Shopware and Prestashop

Possibility for catalogue import from uTypia in Magento, Shopware and Prestashop (unique and                  periodically updated) 

User and group administration only in Magento, Shopware and Prestashop necessary

Layout preview in the cart

The extension is based on the Magento, Shopware and Prestashop standard template

Announcement / download possibility of the production files directly from the Magento,                                Shopware and Prestashop admin area


The final costumer orders in the Magento, Shopware and Prestashop, gets at the customizable uTypia products to the uTypia sides. Select templates, create a layout and proofread, afterwards the product will be placed in the cart of Magento, Shopware and Prestashops. The order will be completed and paid there. 

The use of credit cards modules in Magento, Shopware and Prestashop or integrations in package shipping tools or merchandise management systems, if present, is also possible.

Production files are as usual from the uTypia to the uTypia Shop owner by email transmitted and can also be found in the order management in Magento, Shopware and Prestashop.

Interest? More details can be found here:




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