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uTypia rubber stamp software


​No matter if you want to build up your own perfect e-commerce business or simply start with an online shop, we have the suitable solution for everybody.
With our uTypia rubber stamp shop solutions your customers can create their custom stamp in a fast way. With the help of a preview, the layout of the imprint can be checked easily, texts can be edited and formatted, graphics and logos uploaded. The uTypia online shop system is available as a Consumernext Shop (B2C) and a Business version 6 Shop (B2B).
The Voucher Solution of uTypia permits your customers to use their vouchers for text plates in the internet. uTypia Page completes your internet presence with a professional home page. 


uTypia Business 6 shop
uTypia Business 6 is the ideal solution for professional selling of custom products such as stamps, business cards or signs on the internet.
This solution enables clients to personalize custom products online easily, check the layout in a preview and place the order.
uTypia Business 6 is an all-round solution of uTypia which offers essential functionalities especially for corporate clients. Individual templates can be saved as well as adaptations of the imprint layout can be restricted in order to ensure the CI-compliance of the company.
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uTypia consumernext Shop
The uTypia Consumernext solution focuses on online selling of personalized products to small offices, home offices and private customers.
A key feature of uTypia Consumernext is the intuitive Express Order process. First the user makes the layout, the shop suggests suitable products afterwards. An attractive, modern shop design gives the shop a professional image. The site offers the ideal technical conditions for search engine optimisation. The user-friendly online layout designer enables the customer to create the custom layout including logo, border etc. and to check everything in an automatically updated layout preview.
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                                                              UTYPIA PORTAL​

stamp_shop_software_portal_ov.jpgThe uTypia Portal is a Webshop solution for small resellers. 

Trodat gives the licencee a uTypia consumer portal. This contains one single main catalogue with prices that are defined by the licencee. From this main catalogue, there are setup the subshops for the resellers; the min. amount of resellers per portal has to be 5. 

The Portal subshops are configured by Trodat, so that the customer can easily order stamps incl. texplate and these data are forwarded via web to the licencee.

                                                                        Each Portal subshop has its own URL, its own logo on the                                                                               homepage and its own shop style if needed.


uTypia Voucher
The convenient voucher system enables your customer to create and order the stamp plate suitable for the purchased stamp in the internet by means of a voucher control number.
Layout preview and graphic upload simplify the order process.


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