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uTypia Voucher

Product description

Stamps are sold in a Blister-Pack without textplate plus a Voucher-Paper-Card at OPD stores or POS.
Traditionally the voucher-card is filled out and sent via post.
The RSM produces the textplate and sends to the endcustomer who mounts it.
Alternatively only a Paper-Voucher is sold at OPD-Stores or POS and the whole product is shipped by the RSM

uTypia Voucher allows the end-customer to enter the information - not on the Voucher-Paper-Card but in the uTypia Voucher website and design the stamp there. For this the card must hold the internet address and a control code. The control code is issued per product so when the customer designs the stamp he already gets the correct stamp size. 

utypia voucher.pngutypia voucher_2.pngutypia voucher_3.png

Ordering process for endcostumers

uTypia Voucher solution offers advanced
functionality to customers, similar to those
in the uTypia shop solutions. By means of
logo upload and exact positioning, setting 
of borders, choosing and formatting of fonts
and layout preview, the user create the 

Advantages for the Customer

No need to go to a post-office to send the Paper-card
Saves on postage (if not prepaid)
What you see is what you get – Preview of the stamp imprint
Additional layout options like logo‘s, border, more fonts
Multicolor stamp layouts possible
Order confirmation e-mail
Convenient and easy order process
get the textplates quicker

Target group  

1. RSMs who produce voucher textplates for the resellers
2. Resellers who sell voucher stamps

Advantages for the Rubber Stamp Maker

Advantages for the Rubber Stamp Maker
Ready made layout (BMP) – no need for typesetting
No handwritten information – less inquiries, less complaints,
easier order and address handling
Saves on postage (if prepaid)
Easier logo and multicolor stamp handling 
Use the order email as adress label (window envelope)
reseller or RSM logo on the startpage, wide range of colour styles
Multilanguage available
responsive design NEW 2017 – free upgrade 
admin access for shop owner: reports, catalog, creating new products, Administration of available 
        and redeemed vouchers

Included services:

Included in the Setup are up to four Trodat products
The shop owner can add products on the admin site on his own at every time.

Current operating – utypia
1. Hostings, Firewall and virus protection
2. Support-Hotline
3. Daily backup
4. Database maintenance for trodat products
5. Updates generally
6. Font licenses

Not included services:

The setup doesn't include:
- Setup of non-Trodat-products in addition to the initial four
- Setup of templates

Current operating does not include:
- Printing of voucher cards

Available Add-Ons and Services:

  • Order Integration - Get the voucher order electronically in your invoicing ERP System
  • Email  PDF – get Delivery note or Packing slip from uTypia
  • Trotec Integration – send the stamp direct to the Laser
  • Fulfiller – have a 3rd party manufacture special products (e.g. print)
  • Print Module – PDF-Output in CMYK plus high end print functions
  • Engraving Module – EPS Vector output plus special sign functions
  • Font Packages – add more fonts 
  • Additional Language / Specific Shop Style
  • Setup templates

Demo​ - Demo Voucher Code: REORKCHNV255QR43

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