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uTypia service – change Shop version

Product description  

This uTypia service is used if an existing uTypia shop is upgraded to a newer shop version.

In this case the shop-owner has the choice of 
1. Keeping the existing catalog
2. Importing a catalog from another uTypia shop of the shop owner
3. Using a new uTypia Master catalog copy
For option 2 and 3 – all existing templates, prices, discounts and the order history will be lost

Included Services

Adaption of the uTypia shop - Version
Adaption of the top banner and first page 
Configuration of the express order functionality

Not Included

Creation of a new top banner
Adjusting/Updating the prices (for option 2 and 3) 
Adaption of the catalog structure
Any kind of marketing for the shop, such as Google topics, Search engine optimization etc.



One-time fee – per change

available for the following uTypia products: 
- uTypia Business 6 - Standard and Professional
- uTypia consumernext - Standard and Professional
- uTypia company shop
-       uTypia Voucher
-       uTypia Basic

not available for the following uTypia products: 
- uTypia Portal

Contact: utypia support  +43 7242 239 340


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