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uTypia service – configure coupon code

Product description  

There is an uTypia add-on Module "coupon code" that allows the shop-owner 
to create and manage coupon codes for unlimited products and discounts himself.
Configure Coupon Code.png

In the case that the shop-owner does not want to do or cannot do this himself he can purchase this uTypia service "configure coupon code". Then the utypia support will establish one coupon code or coupon code range for the shop-owner.  The coupon can be valid for the whole catalog, only certain categories or products – during a certain date range and give a specific discount.

Included Service

Configuration of the coupon code
Sending the valid coupon codes to the shop-owner

Not Included

Sending the coupon codes to end customer
Any marketing activities



One-time fee – per defined coupon

available for the following uTypia products: 
- uTypia Business next Standard
- uTypia Business next Professional
- uTypia consumer Standard 
- uTypia consumer Professional
- uTypia company shop

not available for the following uTypia products: 
- uTypia Portal
- uTypia consumer Basic,
- uTypia voucher 
- uTypia page 

Contact: utypia support  +43 7242 239 340