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uTypia service – Multisort CW-Lite

Product description  

Multisort / CW-Lite products are products with a similar layout but slightly different texts that are ordered together

e.g. An A4 Sheet of round Sticker with 4 columns where each column holds a different text and/or logo
or an A4 sheet of door-signs where you enter the name of the apartment owners
or an set of engraved signs with a different name on each sign

Usually the shop-owner needs support in setting up these special product and this can be purchased with this service.

Included Service

Creation of the product plus template

Not Included

Translation services



One-time fee – per product

Available for the following uTypia products: 
- uTypia Business 6 Standard
- uTypia Business 6 Professional
- uTypia consumernext Standard
- uTypia consumernext Professional
- uTypia company shop

Not available for the following uTypia products: 
- uTypia Voucher 
- uTypia Portal 

Contact: utypia support  +43 7242 239 340​ 


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