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uTypia service – create new Product

Product description  

Trodat products are included in the support. If you need a new Trodat Product in your utypia shop, just send an e-mail to the uTypia support. Trodat products will not be added automatically to your shop. 

Create new product.png

Usually shop-owners can create their own product by copying a similar product and just adapting the image, text or dimension. For some product ranges (wood stamp…) also examples are provided for free.

If a shop-owner needs help from uTypia support with the creation of a specific product this service can be purchased.

This service includes the creation of Stamp and Engraving Products – not for print products (see Design Business cards).
Ideally the shop-owner provides a product name, image, dimension and possible color-variants.

If product images are provided the shop-owner must have the rights to use the product image.

Included Service

Creation of the product

Not Included

Creation of templates for the product
Product pricing
SKU matching
Translation services


One-time fee – per product

Available for the following uTypia products: 
- uTypia Business 6 Standard
- uTypia Business 6 Professional
- uTypia consumernext Standard
- uTypia consumernext Professional
- uTypia Portal
- uTypia Voucher 
- uTypia Company shop

Contact: utypia support  +43 7242 239 340 


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