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uTypia service: Monogram Stamps Package

Product description

The Monogram stamp packages adds a range of attractive Monogram Templates to 
Monogram Stamps Package.png
your uTypia shop
More than 120 Templates in Square and Round with different backgrounds and fonts. 

This makes it easy for the end customer to create his personal monogram stamp
The stamp templates are assigned to Trodat Stamps in a separate Product Category  

How does it work 

uTypia support copies the Product category with the Monogram stamp products (Trodat Printy line) into the shop(s) and  catalog(s) you select – as an invisible category. The category and products names and description are available in several languages.  Templates are also copied – Templates are available in 2 Versions – one with an actual name and an US-Address – one with "Pace your text here".  To use the templates several fonts from the uTypia font pool will be activated by uTypia support.  These fonts are checked to be free for commercial use and internet shop usage.
The shop-owner should adjust category and product names and descriptions – and adjust the pricing 
If you need the fonts also locally – you can download them from http.// – uTypia font pool

Target group


Rubberstampmakers who want to sell Monogram stamps direct or via a reseller

Advantages and disadvantages 


Attractive Monogram Stamp Templates for your customers
Fonts must be activated for your shop.
uTypia consumer shops do not support the lines and fonts, font-size restrictions as does uTypia business - but you can upgrade your consumer shop to uTypia consumernext which does support indeed these tasks


Included Services:

Copy of category, product and templates (onetime at purchase)
Font activation and background images

Not included services: 

Adjustment of category and product name and description – as well as price
Includes the templates at the time of purchase –no additions or changes later on
The price is per  uTypia Licensee – meaning we copy in as many of your shops as you select

Available for these uTypia Products:

- uTypia business 6 professional
- uTypia business 6 standard
- uTypia business 6 company shop
- uTypia consumernext professional
- uTypia consumernext standard 
- uTypia consumernext company shop
- uTypia portal shop

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